Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Happy Planner and Homeschooling

My Homeschool Planner
My choice is the 2015 - 2016 BIG Happy Planner Stay Golden by Me and My Bid Ideas. I love the water color effect. It is an 18 month calendar, disc bound with monthly and weekly views. The pages are your standard 8.5 x 11 sheets. It allows flexibility to add your personal pages - if needed. This planner is dated from July 2016 to December 2017 however I use Oct and Nov 2017 pages for May and Jun 2016.

The second and third pages are the yearly review. I use this as the attendance sheet. For the state of Florida we are not required to keep track of attendance or hours. However it is a personal preference to see our progress (# of days) throughout the year.

Before each month, there are monthly pages and I altered them for our homeschooling needs.

I used the several recollection stickers (Michael's brand) throughout my planner. As you can see most of the small stickers have been used since they represented our field trips, park days, etc.

Monthly View
This picture was taken before I added the remaining homeschooling events. Under the "Notes" section I have a "Monthly To Do List". All the stickers below represent our homeschooling events.

Me and My Big Ideas black sticker and dollar store green sticker.

Weekly View
Previously each section represented each child.  

Originally this planner was dedicated to homeschooling only. However it was a hassle to manage two planners and now I combined everything here.
WEEKLY TO DO LIST: In addition to my Monthly To Do List, I have a Weekly To Do List here.
** I changed the three sections to:
FAMILY: Anything family related, phones call, errands for that day, etc.
HOMESCHOOLING: If I do not have my lesson planner nearby I use this section to make a quick note of their unplanned assignments such as reading, educational videos, flashcards, improvements needed, topics to cover, something they what to learn about (always comes up while during their work) etc.
MEALS: Sometimes I pre-plan my meals and most of the time I do not.  For unplanned meals I will write it down afterwards. 
FITNESS: It is a work in progress. Right now I attend a bootcamp once a week when I can.   

These are the additional products I have used in my planner ... 

 I do not have a picture of the remaining Michael's planner stickers - yet. 

Other HOUSEHOLD items I track in this planner are my husband's work schedule, vacation schedules, bills, family events, birthdays (including mailing out birthday gifts to arrive on time) Mom's Night Out, sales / coupons I do not want to miss ;-) , Dr. and Dentist Appointments, etc.
July 2016 is my third month with the HP. I see some changes I want to make. I will share that information at a later time.

Before HP I used the Carpe Diem (CD) Planner. I needed something larger. Currently I use my CD for other lists which I will share at a later time. My HP stays on my desk.

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