Thursday, January 17, 2013

Almost Done with this stack...

255 Prints!!!
I think my biggest order was 400 plus. However 95% of this stack are collage prints ! Collage prints save me album space and weight.  The majority of my prints are sent to Walgreens. I love the print quality at one local store. They look and feel like "matte" finish. They are not glossy or too dark as I've experienced in the past. A couple of weeks ago they had a sale of 50% all photo orders. The prints were approx. 8 cents each. What a deal ! I wished I could have submitted additional prints but it was a busy week for me and my fingers could not work that fast.  This stack has been sorted (2011 and 2012), dated and almost done placing them in the albums.
I use Piscasa for all my collage prints. It is a free !

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