Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cardstock Bears ~ Variety of Themes

Soccer Set Sunglasses (bears) ~ Great for the summer pages!
Valentines - Can be used as panda or a black and white bear.
Christmas Stocking. The bear can be either a boy or girl - Santa hat included :)
Pumpkin Patch, Fall, etc. Themes ~ Eyelashes will be added to make it a girl :)

Two tone bear ~ the muzzle is a lighter color. I like this combination :)
Girl Bear with popsicle.
Nurse Bears for sick, hospital etc scrapbook theme pages.
Bears peeking thru the camera. The are great for vacation, "picture perfect", etc scrapbook pages.
School Theme - Grade or College. Boy and Girl Versions

Bubble Bath, Bath Time, Splish Splash Themes!


SHELL said...

These are FANTASTIC!!